King of Pops Mural Removed

As I pulled up to the intersection at North Avenue and North Highland today, I started freaking out a little bit. My favorite mural in the city was no longer staring me in the face. At first I looked around to make sure I was at the right spot. As the green light changed, I whipped it into the Midtown Cleaners & Laundry and stormed inside like a mad man. “What happened to the King of Pops Mural?!?” I demanded. I assumed they were the ones behind it. The nice lady behind the counter said that someone had painted over it and that they were all sad. She didn’t know who. So I went next door to talk to the emissions guy thinking he might have had something to do with it…I was ready to blame anyone. He said that the City of Atlanta had come by recently and painted over it. He seemed all bummed out about it too.

So I tweeted this out:

I then called Nick from the King of Pops to find out what happened. Nick explained that the City of Atlanta had come by while he and his brother and the rest of the company were on a trip to Mexico and painted over it. The city said it was in violation of some code.

I wish I had more detailed info to share with you but this is all I know right now. I also know that it’s a sad day for anyone that drives by that spot on a regular basis. No matter how crappy of a day I was having, this mural always cheered me up. I hope that we’ll see another one of these murals pop up soon.

If you’ve never heard of the King of Pops and have no clue what I’m talking about then read about these amazing frozen pops here.


Creative Loafing uncovered more truth about the story. Apparently, the City of Atlanta did not paint over the mural. Jeff Vantosh who owns the building had it covered up after he claims he was cited by code enforcement. Read about it here on Creative Loafing.


  1. don’t tell anyone in the city about the cool mural/ad on the southern foods store on irwin and randolph in old fourth ward. that is also advertising for a business that isn’t in the building.

  2. Nice work city of atlanta: you’ve wasted time and money making our city a less interesting place. This mural was fun! You suck.

  3. If that is true then someone should notify the guys putting up the awesome Studioplex mural on the side of the convenience store on Randolf/Glen Iris.

  4. better solution would have been to just cover up the ‘king of pops’ lettering and it’s just a popsicle, could be then no question it was a mural and not an adverertisment…

  5. I’m not a lawyer, or overly bright or anything, but I’m guessing there’s a distinction between an advertisement and a mural. A mural displaying a company name and product that is coincidentally located at the same spot where the same company sells the same product (but doesn’t occupy the building) isn’t functioning as a mural. It’s an ad. Jeff Vantosh probably could have told the city “It’s an ad. And I charge them 4 cents a month and they pay it. What’s the problem?” And there wouldn’t be one. Since it got painted over, I’m thinking he didn’t really want it on the wall. For the record, I like King of Pops. Yummy stuff. But this is an ad, not a mural.

  6. Oh the code where a happy bright and entrepreneurial spirited graphic emblazoned in the epicenter of Poncey highland that makes people happy– yes let’s remove that quickly cit oif Atlanta. After that go find something else to do. I saw some cool art bring painted in a transitioning neighborhood inviting positivity and hope. Atlanta police…I willl send you the address ASAP before someone starts liking the city they live in.

  7. It’s funny that COA code enforcement could never respond to the corner of Cheshire Bridge and Wellbourne or force Selig properties to clean the lot around the liquor store but has time to worry about a sign on the side of a building that people enjoy seeing every day. I called them for over three years and nothing was ever done. Now the place is just a dumping ground for liquor bottles, and trash. Where is code enforcement when you have a real problem Mary Norwood was the only person who ever called me back to try and help.

  8. Bye-Bye Adult Swim/PBR murals. If this rule applies to KoP, it applies to everyone else. Otherwise, ATL officials are full of shit.

  9. Bye-Bye Adult Swim/PBR murals. If this rule applies to KoP, it applies to everyone else. Otherwise, ATL officials are full of #@$%.

  10. The reason zoning made them paint over it was because it wasn’t permitted. You need permits for signage in this town, thank god, or it would be Houston. I’m sure the KOP needs to follow city ordinances also.

  11. “code enforcement” is one of those useless jobs the taxpayer still has to put up money for…let’s face it, they only come out when someone calls the city in complaint…at least that’s been my experience…another example of the govt saving us from our selves….this is how it apparently manifests…

  12. This is completely unacceptable. Another complete fail by the City of Atlanta. We are fighting an uphill battle to create any sense of community in this town – any sense of art. Atlanta continues to fail its good people left and right. I demand a public apology.

  13. The building is private property. Some comments on here talk about “code”. I understand how that works but I dont understand the difference between the mural (which is paint) and the city painting a big grey square on PRIVATE property. Am I the only one who thinks its the same thing? I want this on the cover of Creative Loafing and every other magazine in Atlanta. This is a fine example of the bullshit we put up with here in this city. People are starving, loosing jobs, loosing homes, Roads are going unpaved and parts of town are falling into decay, yet somehow they find money to paint over a decent mural and turn the wall into a big terd. In response to Danis comment about Houston, I’d rather live in a mural filled town and have some bad murals than have a government delegate what is acceptable and what is not. Where is it going to stop?

  14. Who cares if its an AD. I support local businesses, If it was some AT & T mural i could understand, but this is a good thing, a nice thing. Bottom line is it needs to be there. Painting over it is stupid. Why is this city so hard up to destroy its culture. The lack of support for local business, local music and local art is disgusting.

  15. Who ever decided this is a complete ass clown. Art/advertising. Who cares. That was an awesome mural – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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