Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Chef Joe Truex

As the AJC and many media outlets have reported, Executive Chef Joe Truex is leaving Watershed after 4 years to help develop a pizza restaurant in the Mall of Dubai. I had an opportunity to work with Truex back in 2012 when Watershed was moving from Decatur to Peachtree and he quickly became one of my favorite Atlanta chefs with his magnetic personality and creative dishes.

A Louisiana native, Truex opened Repast in Atlanta in early 2006. It won Esquire’s “Best New Restaurant” later that year and was named “Atlanta’s Best Restaurant of 2009” by Jezebel Magazine. The economic downturn forced its closure in 2010, but Truex had already moved on to Watershed to replace legendary chef, Scott Peacock.

Replacing a chef like Scott Peacock is almost impossible, but Truex was finally able to put his stamp on the menu when Watershed moved to Peachtree. Chef Joe Truex will certainly be missed, but I have a feeling we will see him back in an Atlanta kitchen (hopefully his own restaurant) at some point soon.

Photo Credit: Letter B Creative

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