Corner Tavern Introduces King of Pops “Poptails”

It’s no secret (at least I don’t think it’s a secret) that I work at a local PR firm during the day. I really try to keep this blog and my @restaurantsatl twitter account completely separate from my day job but sometimes our PR clients like Corner Tavern (full disclosure) go and partner up with the King of Pops to make the most incredible popsicle I’ve ever had – The Bourbon Cowboy – and I have to tell everyone I know about it.

Beginning this Friday, all Corner Tavern locations will begin selling alcohol-infused “Poptails” from the King of Pops including the Loaded Arnold Palmer, Strawberry Margarita and The Bourbon Cowboy.

I had an opportunity to sample all of them today and the Bourbon Cowboy made me say, “Holy sh*t, this is effing awesome.” Who knew that Bulleit Bourbon and orange bitters would work so well together on a popsicle? Seriously, go try one this weekend.

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