FourSquare for Restaurants

Atlanta Intown ran a good article today about Advantages of Playing Foursquare so I was curious to see how many Atlanta restaurants were offering specials to customers who check in at their location or who may be mayor. In New York, over 70 restaurants offers deals to foursquare users so Atlanta would probably have a few, right??

Actually, only two restaurants as of today offers specials to foursquare users in Atlanta and they are The Shed at Glenwood and Noon Midtown. The Shed at Glenwood offers 10% off to foursquare users on their first check-in at the restaurant and free dessert for every third check-in. Noon Midtown offers a free medium coffee with first check-in.

I think as the popularity of foursquare grows and restaurants owners actually understand what it is then we’ll start seeing more restaurants offering specials to atleast the mayors to encourage more be-backs and start a friendly competition between customers to visit the restaurant more often. The early adopters will see the most success!

If you’ve read this blog and not sure what foursquare is then visit the foursquare website at to learn more. It’s fun and addicting and should continue to grow into one of the most popular social media sites.

~ by restaurantsatl on December 28, 2009.

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